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WW2 Battle Headquarters, Baginton

Summary The battle headquarters, an underground office for the direction of airfield defence, survives at Baginton as a distinctive shaped concrete roof to a projecting observation post. It dates to WW2.
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Type: Battle Headquarters
Period: Unknown
Where Is It?  
Parish: Baginton
District: Warwick, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 34 74
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1The battle headquarters at Baginton is situated on the crest of a hill overlooking the River Sowe. It can be positively identified as a Battle HQ by its distinctive shaped concrete roof to projecting observation post. Longest dimension orientated north-south. The site, unlike others of this type, appears to be entirely above ground and with no signs of ever being covered with earth. It is presumably associated with the defence of nearby Baginton Airfield which lies to the east, the nearest perimeter being approximately 1/4 mile away.
2 General reference to internal layout and construction of Battle HQs. Copy in FI file.

Source No: 2
Source Type: Bibliographic reference
Title: British Military Airfield Architecture
Author/originator: Francis, P
Date: 1996
Page Number:
Source No: 1
Source Type: Correspondence
Title: Letter concerning WW2 Battle Headquarters, Baginton
Author/originator: Mr King
Date: 2006
Page Number:
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Word or Phrase
monument SITE * Unclassifiable site with minimal information. Specify site type wherever possible. back
monument MILITARY AIRFIELD * A landing and taking-off area for military aircraft. Often includes ancilliary structures and buildings for the maintenance and storage of aircraft, etc. back
monument DEFENCE * This is the top term for the class. See DEFENCE Class List for narrow terms. back
monument BATTLE HEADQUARTERS * A concrete structure designed to be the headquarters for the coordination of an airfield's defences. Constructed partially underground it was only intended to be occupied during an attack. back
monument SIGN * A board, wall painting or other structure displaying advice, giving information or directions back
monument AIRFIELD * An area or site used for the landing and take-off of aircraft, often including associated buildings, equipment and other installations. back
monument OFFICE * A building or room where business, administrative or professional activities are conducted. Use specific type where known. back
monument OBSERVATION POST * A building or site for watching specific military activities or the movement of enemy forces, etc. back

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