Warwickshire County Council Historical Environment Record Database
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Please read the Conditions of Use and Disclaimer below. If you want to search the archaeology database for information you must accept these conditions of use by clicking the button below.

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer

General Conditions of Use

Information extracted by the user from the HER website must be used solely for the user’s personal interest. Information contained within the HER website is protected by copyright law and must not be reproduced, copied, passed, sold, published, demonstrated, lent, or otherwise transferred in data or written format by the user to a third party without the prior written consent of WCC.

Archaeological Sites

WCC strictly prohibits the information contained within the HER website being used for purposes that damage, or could lead to damage to, archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes. The inclusion of an archaeological feature in the HER website does not imply any right of public access to that archaeological feature.

Accuracy of the HER Web Site

Whilst WCC makes every reasonable attempt to maintain the accuracy of the HER website, WCC does not provide any guarantees to users as to the accuracy of any information contained within the HER website. The data on the HER website is compiled from diverse sources on an ongoing basis. Information provided on the HER website is therefore not a definitive source but reflects the state of WCC’s records on the date that the website was last updated.

Disclaimer of Liability

WCC excludes (so far as the law permits) all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of the information contained in the HER website.