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The Tilted Wig public house, Market Place, Warwick

Summary Historic public house formerly the Green Dragon, a coaching inn, situated at the south east end of the Market Place.
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Type: Public House, Coaching Inn
Period: Unknown
Where Is It?  
Parish: Warwick
District: Warwick, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 28 64
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1 Tilted Wig public house, Market Place, Warwick. Historic public house, formerly known by the much better name the Green Dragon. The original name was recorded as early as 1636 and lasted until 1977 when new names were tried, first the Oken Atrms, then the Kingmaker (info from John Crossling's History of Warick pubs website). The current name only dates from 1989. Situated at the south east end of the Market Place. Listed building record (DWA5122) gives a date of early C18. Cellars associated with the public house were excavated, and MWA12460 gives the information that the coaching inn dated back to at least 1805, and the premises have been licensed since 1694.

Source No: 1
Source Type: Serial
Title: West Midlands Archaeology vol 48
Author/originator: S Watt (ed.)
Date: 2005
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monument COACHING INN * A public house offering lodgings to the passengers, and stabling for the horses of stage coaches. back
monument CELLAR * A room or group of rooms usually below the ground level and usually under a building, often used for storing fuel, provisions or wines. back
monument PUBLIC HOUSE * The public house was a 19th century development, distinctive from the earlier BEER HOUSE by its decorative treatment and fittings. back
monument MARKET PLACE * An area, often consisting of widened streets or a town square, where booths and stalls may be erected for public sales. back

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