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War Memorial, Pillerton Hersey

Summary War memorial in the centre of Pillerton Hersey, on the green.
What Is It?  
Type: War Memorial
Period: Unknown
Where Is It?  
Parish: Pillerton Hersey
District: Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 29 48
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Level of Protection Local

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1 The war memorial in Pillerton Hersey. Stone cross surmounts tapering octagonal column. column stands on square Stone plinth. Whole stands on two-stepped Stone base. Inscription and names carved into plinth. Unveiled 18th January 1920.
2 Brief information on the war memorial, built in Hornton Stone in 1919, funded by subscriptions from parishioners of both the Pillertons. Includes photographs of the monument, details of its inscription; plans for its restoration as part of the centennary are currently being proposed.

Source No: 2
Source Type: Desk Top Study
Title: The Pillerton Hersey and Pillerton Priors War Memorial
Author/originator: Pillerton Hersey/Pillerton Priors Parish Council
Date: 2014
Page Number:
Source No: 1
Source Type: Internet Data
Title: War Memorials Archive (online database)
Author/originator: Imperial War Museum
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Word or Phrase
monument STONE * Use only where stone is natural or where there is no indication of function. back
monument WAR MEMORIAL * A structure, building or site commemorating soldiers and civilians killed in war. back
monument SQUARE * An open space or area, usually square in plan, in a town or city, enclosed by residential and/or commercial buildings, frequently containing a garden or laid out with trees. back
monument COLUMN * Use for free standing column. back
monument CROSS * A free-standing structure, in the form of a cross (+), symbolizing the structure on which Jesus Christ was crucified and sacred to the Christian faith. Use specific type where known. back

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