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Undated floor remains, Newbold on Avon

Summary The remains of a floor were found in Main Street, Newbold on Avon. The floor might be associated with a building but no wall foundations were recorded.
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Type: Building, Floor
Period: Unknown
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Parish: Rugby
District: Rugby, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 48 77
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 1975: Digging of an overflow sump in the back garden of a house on Main Street revealed an area of buried paving at a depth of 1m below the present ground surface. This extended over the whole of the 2.4m by 1.8m area of the excavation. It seemed possible that this represented the floor of a building, but there was no trace of walls or occupation material.

Source No: 1
Source Type: Bibliographic reference
Title: Newbold on Avon
Author/originator: RGL
Date: 1975
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technique excavation Archaeologists excavate sites so that they can find information and recover archaeological materials before they are destroyed by erosion, construction or changes in land-use.

Depending on how complicated and widespread the archaeological deposits are, excavation can be done by hand or with heavy machinery. Archaeologists may excavate a site in a number of ways; either by open area excavation, by digging a test pit or a trial trench.
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monument HOUSE * A building for human habitation, especially a dwelling place. Use more specific type where known. back
monument BUILDING * A structure with a roof to provide shelter from the weather for occupants or contents. Use specific type where known. back
monument FLOOR * A layer of stone, brick or boards, etc, on which people tread. Use broader site type where known. back
monument GARDEN * An enclosed piece of ground devoted to the cultivation of flowers, fruit or vegetables and/or recreational purposes. Use more specific type where known. back
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