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Anti tank road blocks

Summary The remains of a Second World War tank trap. It comprises two octagonal concrete blocks that were used as road block. They are situated to the west of Chapel Green and were used to defend the bridge over the Grand Union Canal.
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Type: Tank Trap
Period: Unknown
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Parish: Napton on the Hill
District: Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Grid Reference: SP 45 60
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Level of Protection National - Old SMR PrefRef (Grade: )
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1 Pair of incomplete anti tank road blocks on the western approach to Bridge 114 of the Oxford Canal. These may have been deployed as part of the Oxford/ Birmingham defence line.
2 Note, including sketches and photographs.

Source No: 2
Source Type: Bibliographic reference
Title: Tank trap (Type 1)
Author/originator: Brace, J
Date: 1997
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Source No: 1
Source Type: Unpublished document
Title: Notes
Author/originator: Brace, J
Date: 1997
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A Second World War tank trap at Bridge 114 on The Oxford Canal at Napton on the Hill
Copyright: J Brace
Date: 1997
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Word or Phrase
monument TANK TRAP * Reinforced concrete blocks, walls or ditches designed to obstruct the progress of a tank or armoured vehicle. back
monument CANAL * An artificial navigable waterway used for the transportation of goods. Nowadays also used for recreational purposes. back
monument ROAD * A way between different places, used by horses, travellers on foot and vehicles. back
monument BRIDGE * A structure of wood, stone, iron, brick or concrete, etc, with one or more intervals under it to span a river or other space. Use specific type where known. back
monument CHAPEL * A freestanding building, or a room or recess serving as a place of Christian worship in a church or other building. Use more specific type where known. back
DEFENCE LINE * A system of defensive works such as anti-tank obstacles, ditches and pillboxes, designed to stop the advance of an enemy. Defence lines were constructed across and around strategic areas of ground and sites such as industrial towns. back
monument TANK * Armoured military vehicle with its own firepower, which operates on tracks for troop mobility over rough terrain. Some may be adapted, or purpose-built, to be amphibious, and may then be double-indexed as AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE. back

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