The Archaeological Information and Advice Service

 Warwickshire County Council's archaeology service is part of Warwickshire Museum's Field Services section. There are two archaeological teams, the Projects Group, which undertakes research and fieldwork throughout Warwickshire and beyond, and the Information and Advice Service.  This report summarises the work of the Information and Advice Service and outlines the main projects undertaken over 2007/8.

A secure, comprehensive and professionally maintained database is the basis of any advice service, and the Historic Environment Record (HER) for Warwickshire underpins all of our activities. The HER has been built up over many years, and the information within it is continuously being updated with the results of new fieldwork, whilst thematic projects are undertaken which will enhance particular aspects of the Record.

The HER attracts a growing number of users, and our staff are engaged in providing advice about the Historic Environment to site owners and tenants, and to a wide variety of bodies and individuals involved in land use change and site management. Planned changes to the to the laws that protect the historic environment will affect the way we work. At the heart of these proposed changes, known as Heritage Reform, lies the belief that understanding and valuing physical evidence of our past is crucial to caring for and enjoying our surroundings and ensuring that Warwickshire is an exciting place in which to live and work. We want others to share our enthusiasm, and will continue to develop outreach programmes to make this happen.