Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC)

Extract from the Warwickshire HLC data, Atherstone area

The Warwickshire Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) project, which aims to digitally map the present day historic character of the Warwickshire landscape, is part of a national programme funded by English Heritage.  HLC provides a broad-brush overview of complex aspects of development of the landscape to provide better understanding of the historic landscape resource and its capacity for change, and to establish an integrated approach to its sustainable management in partnership with other organisations.

The project examines changes in the landscape from various sources, primarily historic and modern maps and aerial photographs. Attributes of groups of land parcels exhibiting broadly similar characteristics are identified, and the resulting data is entered onto a Geographical Information System map layer with linked textual information in the HER. A final project report will be produced in 2009 describing the methodology and presenting a detailed analysis of the data. It is intended that the Warwickshire HLC will be used by a variety of people including the public, researchers, professional archaeologists, local authorities and many others.