Pig Street, Lower End & Alcester Lane - forever gone?


1st Edition OS Map of Bidford

 A) Draper, frederick Hemming H) Butcher, John Holland
 B) Plumber, Jonah Pearce J) Eating House, Richard Bennett
 C) Toyshop, John James K) Butchers, Stephen Faulkner
 D) Butchers, Thomas Sale L) Drapers, Silvester Hill Snr
 E) Confectioner, Richard Mason M) Grocer, William Bennett
 F) Barber, Henry Cowper N) Grocer, Silvester Hill Jnr
 G) Confectioner, Alfred Hale O) Grocer, Joshua Barber

Research shows that there were around 240 properties in Tower Hill, High Street, The Pleck, Church Street, Pig Street (now believed to be Icknield Street), Church Street, Lower End (now believed to be Grange Road) and Alcester Lane (now Waterloo Road).

Of the residents living in the village it appears that there were 112 children in receipt of some education, the schoolmaster being Mr John Fluck and his sister, Miss Elizabeth Fluck, as the schoolmistress. Research shows that over half the population had been born within the village.

Map of Bidford on Avon


A significant number of houses have been built since 1861, but this is not unexpected as there are now well over four times as many people living here.  Additional roads (such as Saxon Fields and the by-pass) have been built for these houses and to limit the number of cars driving through the High Street.  Perhaps most surprising is that although there are now more residents in the village there are fewer shops and pubs.