Early 2nd Century

Timber Temple

Around AD120 there is a timber temple on site, but archaeologists did not find any evidence to suggest the settlement was still at Grimstock Hill. 

The timber ‘Romano-Celtic' temple consisted of a rectangular cella surrounded by an ambulatory

The cella was a rectangular room used as the inner shrine of the temple.  There was an entrance on the eastern side and a pit in the centre, possibly for votive offerings.  The interior walls would have been plastered, painted red and highly decorated.

The ambulatory was a covered walkway, with timber columns running around the cella.

Late 2nd Century

After AD160 the timber temple was replaced by a large stone temple, perhaps indicating that it was ‘here to stay'. Crimson painted plaster was found suggesting the apse (a semi circular alcove at the back of the building) was decorated.


Excavating the ditch