During the early days of World War Two, metal railings in towns all over the country were removed for use as scrap metal for war defences. Work began in Rugby in March 1942 (Aliberti et al. 2001, 44).


The removal of railings from Whitehall Road Recreation Ground

Figure 1: The removal of railings from Whitehall Road Recreation Ground, 1942 (photo courtesy of the Rugby Advertiser)


This photo shows the removal of railings from the Whitehall Road Recreation Ground in 1942. Iron stumps were left protruding from garden and municipal walls - many of which are still visible today.


First World War British Tank

Figure 2: First World War British tank on display at Rugby Recreation Ground (Hillmorton Road) prior to its removal (photo courtesy of Rugby Local History Research Group)


Within the Recreation Ground itself stood a First World War British tank, presented in 1919 in recognition of Rugby's contributions to ‘National War Savings'. In 1940, this was also removed to be sold for scrap.