Tank trap

Figure 4: Tank trap, Old Leicester Road (photo courtesy of Armishaw 2001)


Although pillboxes are probably the most visible remains in the area, there are other less obvious and often overlooked defences. On the north side of the aqueduct carrying the Oxford Canal over the Old Leicester Road, lie a series of reinforced concrete blocks forming a ‘tank trap' (HER MWA 8872). Lining both sides of the road, these blocks were designed to obstruct the progress of tanks or armoured vehicles. Similar remains can also be found beside the B4122 and the Oxford Canal at Newbold on Avon (HER MWA 8879). 



Air raid shelter

Figure 5: Air raid shelter at Clifton upon Dunsmore (photo courtesy of Armishaw 2001)


The photo above shows a domestic brick-built surface air raid shelter. Located at the north end of South Road, opposite the village school at Clifton upon Dunsmore, it was used during the Second World War to protect civilian and military personnel from enemy bombing (HER MWA 8874). Similar air raid shelters dating from this period can also be found on the north side of Main Street and to the west of the village (HER MWA 8877; 8876).