Priorities for adding new records and modifications to existing records depend on the flow of information to the HER from archaeological contractors, researchers and members of the public.  However, the HER also follows a clearly defined action plan for targeted improvements; these are improvements required to make certain the Warwickshire HER meets nationally agreed standards for Historic Environment Records.  The HER Action Plan for the 2010/11 covers tasks including:


  • Targeted validation of 10% of records,
  • Incorporating information from the source backlog for a minimum of 20 Warwickshire parishes,
  • Identifying sources and securing funding to extend the HER Outreach and Education Programme
  • Identifying sources and securing funding for additional HER enhancement and research projects
  • Undertaking an audit of the HER including a stocktake of the HER's physical and digital archive. This will help us understand our current position as an HER, our physical and digital assets and will complete the documentation process that the HER started a number of years ago. One of the main goals is to develop an up-to-date action plan with our objectives and ambitions for the next 5 years.


During this period staff within the HER will continue to respond to enquiries from consultants, researchers and the public in Warwickshire and beyond.  As part of our mission to increase use of our resource, staff in the HER will be investigating how other professionals, such as teachers, adult education tutors, arts workers and those delivering social care services might use our resources in new and imaginative ways.