Prehistoric Bidford


The River Avon has attracted humans to Bidford for thousands of years.  Evidence from as early as the Palaeolithic period has been found in the area and includes prehistoric stone tools found by the river.  These would have been used by people passing through the landscape.


Other evidence of human activity can be found from studying aerial photographs held by the HER.  Outside Bidford, there is a site that suggests people were in the Bidford area about four thousand years ago.  The site, which is visible on an aerial photograph, may be a ditch surrounding a mound of earth, known as a round barrow.  This is where some of the dead would have been buried in Neolithic or Bronze Age times.Palaeolithic Flint


 Spear tip

Further prehistoric activity can be identified from a number of other finds surrounding Bidford.  These finds include a leaf-shaped arrowhead, a Palaeolithic handaxe and a spear tip. 


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