Quarry Company Roles

Quarry Company

Managing Director



Your company needs to extend the quarry as nearly all of the sand and gravel from the existing quarry has been removed. If you cannot extend you will not make any money and will be forced to close the quarry. Expanding the quarry is necessary to make sure that jobs are kept and new ones are created.

You need to keep your shareholders and your workers happy.

If local people are not happy your job becomes more difficult. Their support is very important. 


The quarry extracts sand and gravel. These materials are used for building roads, houses and schools. They are also used to make concrete, bricks, blocks, and tarmac.

Quarrying will take a little over 5 years. The area will be restored once quarrying is completed. Restoration work will be completed one year after the quarry closes. When this is finished the land will be used for leisure and for nature conservation.

If the quarry is able to extend the operating hours would remain as they are now, between 7am and 7pm during the weekdays with some Saturday morning working.

Building soil banks to screen the quarry will hide the quarry from being seen by people in the surrounding area and reduce the amount of noise heard from the quarry working.


Quarry Company

Quarry Manager



The expansion of the quarry is important to make sure that all the jobs in the quarry including your own are kept safe.

You must keep costs to a minimum and it is important that the expansion keeps within budget. 

You know that your job would be easier if the local residents supported the quarry extension.


Having archaeologists on site slows down work and the quarry company will have to pay the archaeologists.

Building new roads will increase costs.

Some money has been put in to screen the site from the public but if more screening is needed it is going to cost more money.

If the quarry can work on a Saturday it will mean that more sand and gravel can be extracted.

If the products are sold to local concrete manufacturing companies it will cut down the cost of transporting the sand and gravel.

The operation of the quarry would mean more jobs will be created and the local economy will be supported.


Quarry Company

Planning & Environmental Consultant



You need to explain to people that you are a planning and environmental consultant and you have been working closely with the quarry company. You have looked at the possible threats to the local environment and made suggestions about how to minimise them. You believe that sand and gravel will be able to be extracted with only a minimum amount of disturbance to the environment.

You have also been thinking about what will happen to the quarry once all of the sand and gravel has been extracted. You have started to think about the restoration work and intend to create a landscape suitable for local wildlife to live in safely. People will also be able to use the area (picnics, bike rides, walking, seeing the wildlife).


Large banks will be built to screen the site on the north and northeast sides. This will reduce the noise and hide the quarry from view. Trees and other vegetation will help to provide a screen as well.

The site is located entirely within the floodplain of the nearby river.  Regular flooding will be reduced by building banks around the     areas of the gravel. None of these banks or any of the quarrying will obstruct the natural flow of floodwater.


Quarry Company

Press Officer



You need to show locals, shareholders and planning offices that this expansion is a good move. It is up to you to put a positive spin on the quarry expansion. You need to tell people that the quarry company is aware of the potential effects of extending the quarry. You need to explain that experts are being employed to help reduce these effects e.g. archaeologists and ecologists.

You will also remind people that extending the quarry will mean that the quarry workers will keep their jobs and new jobs could be created.

You should explain that when quarrying is finished the area will be a wonderful place to visit.

You need to make sure that people know that the quarry company will be just as careful as it has been in the last 20 years.


There is a footpath and a bridleway for horses across the site. The bridge that once linked the footpaths on each side of the river collapsed a long time ago. The quarry company will rebuild this bridge about 400m upstream so people can enjoy walking along the footpath again.

The whole quarry site will be restored as a nature conservation site (with some leisure use). The soil removed from the site would be used to create a wetland wildlife habitat. It will also include large areas of conservation woodland.


Quarry Company

Archaeological Consultant



You must give evidence that you have researched the history of the area and are aware of the archaeology, which has been found in and around the site. It is up to you to say that during quarrying a qualified archaeologist will be present on site and will record any archaeology that is discovered. As you represent the quarry company you should demonstrate that the company has a good track record in caring for archaeology.


Archaeological features have been found within 1km of the proposed site, these include: (see map 3). 

  • Chesford Hall - a manor house built during the medieval period  and added to in the 18th Century
  • A gold torc - a type of necklace dating from the Roman period (43AD to 410AD)
  • Deer park - linked to Chesford Hall and used to keep deer for hunting during the medieval period
  • Flint tools and pottery - these were found in the prehistoric site that is situated within the extension area

Archaeological fieldwork will be carried out as follows:-

An archaeologist will observe diggers moving topsoil. If any archaeology is found the digger will stop and the archaeologist will record what they can see.

The excavation and recording of a site will involve archaeologists

  • Exposing the archaeology by digging.
  • Drawing and photographing any archaeological features.
  • Removing any archaeological finds for further investigation  


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