Heritage Environment Roles

Heritage Environment

Chesford Hall owner



You are concerned that quarrying will cause vibrations, which will damage the Hall. You are worried that you will be able to see the quarry from the Hall and that wildlife is the surrounding areas will be affected.

However, you are also aware that Chesford Hall needs a lot of repair work and this will cost a lot of money. If the quarry company could offer you some help with the repairs you would be very happy.


You want to know what effect the quarry will have on the hall. Throughout the year many people visit and you want to make sure these visits are not spoilt. 

Will the quarry company try to minimise the visual and environmental impact to the Hall and its surrounding areas?

You are also interested to know whether the quarry company could help you repair the hall once quarrying is completed.


Download Heritage Environment Roles

You can download a set of the Heritage Environment roles in PDF format here.