Warwickshire Historic Environment Record

The Warwickshire Historic Environment Record (HER), formerly known as the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) has a number of functions:

  • To maintain and enhance the record of historic and archaeological sites.
  • To operate a public information service
  • To provide information to planning archaeologists and consultants, government bodies such as English Heritage, forestry and agricultural bodies, the public utilities, local research groups, landowners and developers.
  • To actively promote local archaeology to the community through lectures, local history fairs and open days.

The HER incorporates information from a number of sources including:

Aerial Photographs

The Warwickshire Museum Air Photograph Collection is an integral part of the HER and with over 12,000 photographs, provides an invaluable source of information.  Copies of some of these may be made available, however there may be some restrictions depending on copyright.

 Historic Maps

The HER holds c.350 historic and modern maps, including First and Second Edition Ordnance Survey maps.


Speed's map of Warwickshire 1610.

Click here for larger image


Published Material

A library of books is available for consultation on archaeological sites and techniques of excavation.

Unpublished Material

The HER has material including the writings of local antiquarians and local research groups and societies, including parish surveys.


The HER uses a variety of national and local journals, including Britannia, The Transactions of the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society and Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society.

 Fieldwork Reports

The HER holds over 1000 reports on archaeological fieldwork, including geophysics, trial trenching and excavation. Most of this work has been undertaken as a result of development work.

Statutory Designations

Information is held by the HER on Scheduled Ancient Monuments and some Listed Buildings.

Personal Communication

A valuable source of information. The HER is always interested in hearing from those who have any information on any site that could enhance the records.

An online form is available for groups and individuals to provide information on fieldwork and project that can be entered into the HER.

Access to the Warwickshire HER is free for the public, students and other researchers, but appointments are required. Please contact to arrange a visit. Most enquiries can be dealt with by post, fax, or e-mail so a personal visit is not always necessary.

A searchable database of records is available on the Internet at (http://timetrail.warwickshire.gov.uk)

The Warwickshire HER only holds information on the county as it has existed since 1974.  It does not cover Coventry but does cover Solihull.   However if you are interested in an area on the borders of the county, it may still be worth contacting the Warwickshire HER to see if it holds any information.  If it does not, the staff can tell you who might be able to help further.

Contact Details


Warwickshire Historic Environment Record
Museum Field Services
The Butts
CV34 4SS

Telephone     (01926) 412734
Fax                  (01926) 412974
Email             historicenvironmentrecord@warwickshire.gov.uk

More help and information on the HER can be found on the Warwickshire Historic Environment website:(www.warwickshire.gov.uk/Web/Corporate/) or follow the links from www.warwickshire.gov.uk/museum.