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Definition:An airfield building housing a turret gunnery trainer used to teach air gunners how to report the correct position of enemy aircraft by practising shooting against projected moving images of enemy aircraft displayed on a target screen (WWII).

monument Word or Phrase:ALLAN WILLIAMS TURRET *  
Definition:A rotating, domed, steel turret set over a circular pit used as a gun emplacement.

monument Word or Phrase:TETT TURRET *  
Definition:A small concrete turret placed on top of a standard 4 ft. diameter concrete pipe sunk into the ground. Intended for use in defending road junctions, airfields and beach exits.

monument Word or Phrase:TURRET *  
Definition:A small tower or bartizan, which was often placed at the angles of a castle, to increase the flanking ability, some only serving as corner buttresses. Also used to describe the small rectangular towers situated between the milecastles along Hadrians Wall.

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