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period Word or Phrase:Mesolithic  
Definition:About 10,000 BC to 4001 BC

Mesolithic means 'Middle Stone Age'. It is the period that comes between the Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) and the Neolithic (New Stone Age).

The Mesolithic period is a period of transition from the way people were living during the Palaeolithic period as hunter-gatherers to the development of farming in the Neolithic period.[more]

During the Mesolithic period the climate became warmer. The ice sheets that covered much of northern Europe had largely melted by the beginning of this period. Large forests grew in their place.
People had to adapt to these changing climatic conditions. The Stone tools that people used also changed. People developed specialised Stone tool kits in this period, which often included very small sharp blades called microliths.

Many of these Stone tools have been found in Warwickshire during field walking surveys. Some tools have also been found during archaeological excavations near Kisses Barn, Polesworth and during the building of the Birmingham Northern Relief Road at Wishaw.

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