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Definition:Buildings, sites and structures associated with the drainage and/or ventilation of mines.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE *  
Definition:This is the top term for the class. See WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE Class List for narrow terms.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAY DRAINAGE PIPE WORKS *  
Definition:A site where clay pipes used for drainage are manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:LAND IMPROVEMENT DRAIN *  
Definition:A large drainage channel used for improving the land.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE SYSTEM *  
Definition:A system of artificial or natural drains and ditches used to drain off surplus water.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE DITCH *  
Definition:A long, narrow ditch designed to carry water away from a waterlogged area.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE LEVEL *  
Definition:A horizontal tunnel dug specifically for draining, for example, a mine.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE MILL *  
Definition:Wind or water-powered mill for land drainage in fens or marshlands.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD DRAIN *  
Definition:An unsocketed earthenware or porous concrete pipe laid end to end unjointed so as to drain the ground.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAIN *  
Definition:An artificial channel for draining water or carrying it off.

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