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monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK DITCH (NATURAL IMPROVED) *  
Definition:A natural ditch the depth and/or width of which has been increased so as to prevent the progress of a tank or armoured vehicle.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK DITCH (ARTIFICIAL) *  
Definition:A man made ditch designed to obstruct the progress of a tank or armoured vehicle. ditches were often reveted with concrete or wood.

monument Word or Phrase:DOUBLE DITCHED ENCLOSURE *  
Definition:An area of land enclosed by two parallel ditches. Use with specific shaped enclosure where known.

monument Word or Phrase:INTERRUPTED DITCH SYSTEM *  
Definition:Ditches interrupted by wide, regular causeways. Each section of Ditch is about 30-40m long, and each causeway is 10-15m wide. In some cases, a network of fields has been created. Found mainly in the South East of England.

monument Word or Phrase:CAUSEWAYED RING DITCH *  
Definition:A monument comprising an irregularly circular enclosing ditch, interrupted by several causeways, surrounding a central circular area used for funerary activities, often concealed originally beneath an earthen mound. Index with barrow type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:MULTIPLE DITCH SYSTEM *  
Definition:A multiple, parallel arrangement of linear earthwork ditches, usually accompanied by banks, and often of considerable territorial extent. Usually of later prehistoric or Roman date.

monument Word or Phrase:DITCHED ENCLOSURE *  
Definition:An area of land enclosed by one or several boundary ditches. Double index with a term to indicate the shape of the enclosure where known.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK DITCH *  
Definition:Stop-line against invading tanks in form of a ditch during the defence of Britain.

monument Word or Phrase:SEGMENTED DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch which is not continuous but instead is made up of segments which may vary in length and width.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch that indicates the limit of an area or a piece of land.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAINAGE DITCH *  
Definition:A long, narrow ditch designed to carry water away from a waterlogged area.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADE DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch associated with a palisade.

monument Word or Phrase:RING DITCH *  
Definition:Circular or near circular ditches, usually seen as cropmarks. Use the term where the function is unknown. Ring ditches may be the remains of ploughed out round barrows, round houses, or of modern features such as searchlight emplacements.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch constructed to surround a town for defensive purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:DITCH *  
Definition:A long and narrow hollow or trench dug in the ground, often used to carry water though it may be dry for much of the year.

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