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monument Word or Phrase:AGGREGATE FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:A field system which appears to have developed in an organic, or piecemeal, fashion over time.

monument Word or Phrase:ENCLOSED FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:A system of individually enclosed fields.

monument Word or Phrase:COAXIAL FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:A field system with one prevailing axis of orientation, in which most field boundaries are either aligned with this axis or run at right angles to it.

monument Word or Phrase:DARLAND FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:Medieval Fenland ditched field system where the land is divided into strips for agricultural production. The strips are separated by hand-dug wide shallow drainage ditches with the spoil thrown up to create a dryer ridge.

technique Word or Phrase:Field Walking Survey  
Definition:Archaeologists walk over an area, usually ploughed fields, and look for objects on the surface. This is called field walking. Archaeologists record the point on the ground where they find the objects. These points are then plotted on a map. If the map shows that a large number of objects were found in the same place, it can be evidence that an archaeological site exists there. For example, if a large number of fragments of roof tile and/or brick or stone are found in one place, it could mean that there used to be some sort of building there. See also field survey.

monument Word or Phrase:CELTIC FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:A fairly regular system of small rectangular fields. Examples may date from the middle Bronze Age to the Roman period. The word 'Celtic' carries no chronological or cultural connotations in this context.

monument Word or Phrase:TOURNAMENT FIELD *  
Definition:A training ground and fighting arena for knightly sports.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD BOUNDARY *  
Definition:The limit line of a field.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD KITCHEN *  
Definition:A temporary kitchen set up in the field providing food for troops. Use with MILITARY CAMP if existence of this is known.

monument Word or Phrase:PLAYING FIELD *  
Definition:A field or piece of ground used for the playing of games and other activities.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD CENTRE *  
Definition:Building used for field studies and outdoor pursuits in the countryside and in an urban context.

technique Word or Phrase:Field Survey  
Definition:The term ‘field survey’ is used to describe all work that does not disturb archaeological deposits below the ground through an excavation. field survey techniques involve recording measurements that help archaeologists draw plans or diagrams of archaeological features. There are a variety of different field survey techniques, including geophysical survey, building recording survey, field walking survey, landscape survey and earthwork survey.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD SYSTEM *  
Definition:A group or complex of fields which appear to form a coherent whole. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD DRAIN *  
Definition:An unsocketed earthenware or porous concrete pipe laid end to end unjointed so as to drain the ground.

monument Word or Phrase:STRIP FIELD *  
Definition:An area of agriculturally used land, which is divided into small, elongated, rectangular fields running parallel to each other.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD BARN *  
Definition:An isolated barn, cow house or shelter shed with a hayloft. Typically found in areas where farmsteads and fields were sited at a long distance from each other.

technique Word or Phrase:Field work  
Definition:The term ‘field work’ refers to any work that is undertaken in the out-doors or, as archaeologists sometimes say, ‘in the field’. It usually involves the recovery of primary evidence by archaeologists carrying out an excavation, field survey and/or aerial survey.

monument Word or Phrase:OPEN FIELD *  
Definition:An area of arable land with common rights after harvest or while fallow. Usually without internal divisions (hedges, walls or fences).

monument Word or Phrase:POLO FIELD *  
Definition:A piece of prepared ground on which the game of polo is played.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELDWORK *  
Definition:A usually temporary earthwork or fortification, the latter constructed by military forces operating in the field. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:FIELD *  
Definition:An area of land, often enclosed, used for cultivation or the grazing of livestock.

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