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technique Word or Phrase:Earthwork Survey  
Definition:The measuring and plotting of earthworks, such as banks, ditches, mounds and areas of ridge and furrow cultivation, to create a plan of what exists on the ground. Earthwork surveys are sometimes also called topographical surveys.

monument Word or Phrase:LINEAR EARTHWORK *  
Definition:A substantial bank and ditch forming a major boundary between two adjacent landholdings. Most date from the late Bronze Age and Iron Age.

monument Word or Phrase:EARTHWORK *  
Definition:A bank or mound of earth used as a rampart or fortification.

technique Word or Phrase:Earthwork  
Definition:Earthworks can take the form of banks, ditches and mounds. They are usually created for a specific purpose. A bank, for example, might be the remains of a boundary between two or more fields. Some Earthworks may be all that remains of a collapsed building, for example, the grassed-over remains of building foundations.

In the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky than during the other seasons, Earthworks have larger shadows. From the air, archaeologists are able to see the patterns of the Earthworks more easily. Earthworks can sometimes be confusing when viewed at ground level, but from above, the general plan is much clearer.

Archaeologists often carry out an aerial survey or an earthwork survey to help them understand the lumps and bumps they can see on the ground.

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