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monument Word or Phrase:ARTIFICIAL MOUND *  
Definition:An artificial hill constructed in Tudor gardens, especially, to provide a good view.

monument Word or Phrase:MONUMENTAL MOUND *  
Definition:A mound in excess of 150 metres in diameter, of Late Neolithic date and presumed ritual function, eg. Silbury Hill.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY MOUND *  
Definition:An earthwork used as a boundary marker.

monument Word or Phrase:PROSPECT MOUND *  
Definition:An artificial mound, generally conical, placed within a garden or park to provide a viewing point to overlook the garden or park. It may also serve as a visual focus in the garden or park layout.

monument Word or Phrase:WINDMILL MOUND *  
Definition:An artificial mound of earth indicating either the former site of a windmill or built as the base of a post windmill.

monument Word or Phrase:FISHERY MOUND *  
Definition:A mound used to elevate buildings associated with a fishery e.g. smoke houses, above the level of a flood plain.

monument Word or Phrase:GALLOWS MOUND *  
Definition:A natural or man-made earth mound on which a gallows was erected.

monument Word or Phrase:KERBED MOUND *  
Definition:A mound kerbed with wooden stakes or boulders.

monument Word or Phrase:PILLOW MOUND *  
Definition:A pillow-shaped, flat topped rectangular mound often surrounded by a shallow ditch used to farm rabbits.

monument Word or Phrase:BURNT MOUND *  
Definition:A mound of fire-cracked stones, normally accompanied by a trough or pit which may have been lined with wood, stone or clay. Assumed to be locations where heated stones were used to boil water primarily for cooking purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT MOUND *  
Definition:Circular spoil heap surrounding a wide central depression, the entrance to a mine shaft.

monument Word or Phrase:LONG MOUND *  
Definition:A long, narrow mound of earth or stone and of uncertain date and function. Use more appropriate term where possible.

monument Word or Phrase:TREE MOUND *  
Definition:An earthen mound, usually within an ornamental garden, on which a tree was planted.

monument Word or Phrase:MOUND *  
Definition:A natural or artificial elevation of earth or stones, such as the earth heaped upon a grave. Use more specific type where known.

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