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monument Word or Phrase:SAND AND GRAVEL EXTRACTION SITE *  
Definition:A site associated with the extraction, from the ground, of sand and gravel. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CIST GRAVE CEMETERY *  
Definition:A cemetery comprising inhumations or cremations interred in stone cists.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVESIDE SHELTER *  
Definition:A shelter for the parson during the burial service.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED GRAVE *  
Definition:Saxon rectangular burial chamber comprising a large sunken 'room' lined with wood. 6th and 7th century AD.

monument Word or Phrase:CREMATION GRAVE *  
Definition:An intrusive feature cut for the purpose of containing a cremation burial within it.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIPWRECK GRAVE *  
Definition:Graves known to be of shipwreck victims buried close to their site of discovery, as was customary until the 19th century, rather than in consecrated ground.

monument Word or Phrase:ENTRANCE GRAVE *  
Definition:A form of Neolithic burial monument primarily found in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. It comprises a round cairn, usually with a retaining wall or kerb, and an entrance leading directly into a chamber.

monument Word or Phrase:ROCK CUT GRAVE *  
Definition:A grave which has been formed by cutting into the bedrock of a site.

monument Word or Phrase:SHIP GRAVEYARD *  
Definition:An area of the sea or coastline where vessels have been abandoned.

monument Word or Phrase:PASSAGE GRAVE *  
Definition:A form of Neolithic burial monument comprising a large circular stone or earthen mound, with a low and narrow entrance passage leading to a wider and higher stone built chamber.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVE LINING *  
Definition:Material, stone or wood, lining the inside of a grave.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVE MARKER *  
Definition:A stone, slate, iron or wooden structure used to mark the site of a grave. Use only where evidence of the form is uncertain otherwise use more specific type.

monument Word or Phrase:LINTEL GRAVE *  
Definition:A grave lined with slabs of stone or slate and covered by a large slab of stone. Commonly found on the Isle of Man.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVEL PATH *  
Definition:A path covered in a layer of water-worn or pounded stones.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVE SLAB *  
Definition:A stone used to cover a grave.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVEBOARD *  
Definition:Wooden board marking a grave.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVEL PIT *  
Definition:A steep-sided pit formed by, and for, the extraction of gravel.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVESTONE *  
Definition:A stone placed over or at the head or foot of a grave, or at the entrance of a tomb.

monument Word or Phrase:MASS GRAVE *  
Definition:A pit used to bury a large number of people who have died, or been killed, either as a result of warfare, epidemics or natural disasters.

monument Word or Phrase:GRAVE *  
Definition:A place of burial. Use more specific type where known.

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