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monument Word or Phrase:AVENUE (LANDSCAPE FEATURE) *  
Definition:A monument consisting of parallel lines of banks, ditches, stones, timber posts or trees which appears to mark out an approach to another monument or monuments. Use specific type where known.

Definition:Feature, typically a ship, boat, aircraft or vehicle, deliberately sunk for recreational and diver educational purposes in inland bodies of water used as dive centres, such as lakes and water-filled quarries, or offshore as artificial reefs.

monument Word or Phrase:ARCHAEOLOGICAL FEATURE *  
Definition:Use only for features assumed to be archaeological but which cannot be identified more precisely without further investigation .Use more specific term where known

monument Word or Phrase:NATURAL FEATURE *  
Definition:Use only for natural features mistakenly assumed to be archaeological or natural features with archaeological significance.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN FEATURE *  
Definition:Unspecified landscape feature. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:LINEAR FEATURE *  
Definition:A length of straight, curved or angled earthwork or cropmark of uncertain date or function.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER FEATURE *  
Definition:A body of water, building or structure found in a park or garden used as a water supply or ornament. Use more specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:FEATURE *  
Definition:Areas of indeterminate function.

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