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monument Word or Phrase:ORNAMENTAL LAKE *  
Definition:An artificial lake, often made by damming a stream. A common feature of landscape parks.

monument Word or Phrase:BOATING LAKE *  
Definition:A lake, often artifical, in a park or open space, used for the recreational rowing and sailing of boats.

monument Word or Phrase:LAKE VILLAGE *  
Definition:A settlement located on or near to the shores of a lake. Buildings associated with lake villages are usually raised on piles to prevent them from being flooded.

monument Word or Phrase:MARINE LAKE *  
Definition:Seaside structure, usually consisting of a manmade retaining wall that keeps a relatively large area of the tidal water partitioned off for controlled boating or swimming.

monument Word or Phrase:LAKE *  
Definition:A large body of water surrounded by land.

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