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monument Word or Phrase:CUP AND RING MARKED STONE *  
Definition:A stone, either in situ or part of a monument, bearing one or more small, roughly hemispherical depressions surrounded by a concentric arrangement of annular or pennanular grooves. More complex designs may also occur.

monument Word or Phrase:FOUR POSTER STONE CIRCLE *  
Definition:A stone circle featuring four upright stones standing at the corners of an irregular quadrilateral. The monument may feature more than 4 stones, overall, but the corner stones are often the most prominent.

Definition:A stone, usually found in a schoolyard, either built into a wall or forming part of a free standing structure, on which pencils can be sharpened. Although increasingly rare examples do survive.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE DISPATCH BUILDING *  
Definition:A building in a quarry consisting of a series of loading bays in which stone is loaded onto wagons.

monument Word or Phrase:RECUMBENT STONE CIRCLE *  
Definition:A stone circle featuring a stone which lies lengthways between two of the upright standing stones.

monument Word or Phrase:EMBANKED STONE CIRCLE *  
Definition:A circular arrangement of spaced stone uprights set within a high bank, often interrupted by a formal entrance gap.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE EXTRACTION SITE *  
Definition:Buildings, sites and structures associated with the extraction of stone. Includes preparation processes.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE CRUSHING PLANT *  
Definition:A place where pieces of stone are crushed and ground.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE DRESSING FLOOR *  
Definition:A place where stone is dressed or shaped for use in building, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:COMMEMORATIVE STONE *  
Definition:A stone commemorating a person or event.

monument Word or Phrase:CROSS INCISED STONE *  
Definition:A stone with a cross carved into the surface.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE BREAKING YARD *  
Definition:A place where inmates of a workhouse or prison carried out stone breaking.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE GRUBBING SITE *  
Definition:A site used for the small scale extraction and working of surface boulders.

monument Word or Phrase:FLAX BEATING STONE *  
Definition:A stone on which flax stems were beaten with wooden mallets, a process known as beetling.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE WORKING SITE *  
Definition:A site where rough stone is processed, shaped, worked or formed into finished products.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE AXE FACTORY *  
Definition:Source from which stone utilized for the manufacture of non-flint artefacts, including axes, was obtained. Applied only to sources exploited during the Neolithic and earlier Bronze Age. Do not use for flint mining or knapping sites.

monument Word or Phrase:CHINA STONE MILL *  
Definition:A mill where china stone is grinded.

monument Word or Phrase:CORONATION STONE *  
Definition:A stone on which a monarch traditionally sat during the coronation ceremony.

monument Word or Phrase:CUP MARKED STONE *  
Definition:A stone, either in situ or part of a monument, bearing one or more small, roughly hemispherical depressions, generally created by chipping or pecking.

monument Word or Phrase:DEDICATION STONE *  
Definition:A commemorative stone inscribed with a dedicatory inscription to a person or event.

monument Word or Phrase:STONEMASONS YARD *  
Definition:A complex, comprising a workshop and a storage yard, used by a stonemason.

monument Word or Phrase:CENTURIAL STONE *  
Definition:An inscribed marker stone found on Hadrian's Wall.

monument Word or Phrase:DIRECTION STONE *  
Definition:A stone, situated alongside a road, providing directions to travellers.

monument Word or Phrase:INSCRIBED STONE *  
Definition:An early Medieval commemorative monument in the form of a stone which has been inscribed with symbols.

monument Word or Phrase:RECUMBENT STONE *  
Definition:A stone or boulder which lies lengthways on the ground and may be used as a table, altar etc. Use only for isolated stones.

monument Word or Phrase:STEPPING STONES *  
Definition:Stones placed in the bed of a stream or on wet ground, to enable crossing on foot.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE ALIGNMENT *  
Definition:A single line, or two or more roughly parallel lines, of standing stones set at intervals along a common axis or series of axes.

monument Word or Phrase:VITRIFIED STONE *  
Definition:A stone, of unidentified function, showing evidence of great heating at some point in the past, leading to vitrification.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY STONE *  
Definition:A stone that indicates the limit of an area or piece of land.

monument Word or Phrase:SOCKETED STONE *  
Definition:A stone which has a socket for an unknown function. Use specific term where known.

monument Word or Phrase:STANDING STONE *  
Definition:A stone or boulder which has been deliberately set upright in the ground. Use only for isolated stones. Otherwise use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:TAKE OFF STONE *  
Definition:A stone used to instruct a coachman to unhitch a horse, previously taken on to help pull the coach up a steep gradient.

monument Word or Phrase:TERMINUS STONE *  
Definition:To mark the end of a turnpike road.

monument Word or Phrase:HOGBACK STONE *  
Definition:A North country memorial imitating a wattled hut decorated with formalized bears or snakes.

monument Word or Phrase:RUBBING STONE *  
Definition:A large stone used by cattle to rub up against and so scratch themselves.

monument Word or Phrase:STADDLE STONE *  
Definition:Mushroom-shaped stones used to raise the floor of barns, granaries etc. above ground level, to prevent vermin gaining access to stored grain and fodder.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE SETTING *  
Definition:An arrangement of one or more standing stones. Use particularly for isolated recumbent stones, or where original form of monument unclear. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CARVED STONE *  
Definition:A stone (including standing stones, natural boulders and rock outcrops) decorated with carved motifs.

monument Word or Phrase:COFFIN STONE *  
Definition:A stone found on route to a churchyard on which the coffin is rested during transportation.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKER STONE *  
Definition:A stone erected to mark a particular spot in the landscape. Can be used for various reasons.

monument Word or Phrase:OX BOW STONE *  
Definition:Stone for holding ox yokes.

monument Word or Phrase:PILLOW STONE *  
Definition:A small Anglo-Saxon cross-slab buried on the breast or beneath the head of a corpse.

monument Word or Phrase:PLAGUE STONE *  
Definition:A stone on which plague victims placed vinegar-disinfected money to pay for food left for them by the townspeople.

monument Word or Phrase:PUT ON STONE *  
Definition:A stone used to instruct a coachman to take an extra trace horse to assist on roads of a steep gradient.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE AVENUE *  
Definition:A monument consisting of parallel lines of standing stones, which appears to mark out an approach to another monument or monuments.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE CIRCLE *  
Definition:An approximately circular or oval setting of spaced, usually freestanding, upright stones. More than one circle may be present, arranged concentrically.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE QUARRY *  
Definition:An excavation from which stone for building is obtained by cutting, blasting etc.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAIM STONE *  
Definition:A marker stone erected to indicate a claim to the rights, usually mineral, of an area.

monument Word or Phrase:HOLED STONE *  
Definition:An upright, or originally upright, stone featuring a hole which is often large enough in diameter for a person to pass through, eg. Men an Tol, Cornwall. Do not use for perforated portable stone artefacts.

monument Word or Phrase:KNOCK STONE *  
Definition:A stone or platform on which lumps of ore are manually broken up.

monument Word or Phrase:OGHAM STONE *  
Definition:Upright stones engraved on the edges with a Celtic script consisting of lines or notches.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE BLOCK *  
Definition:A piece of stone, usually shaped, of uncertain origin or use.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE STORE *  
Definition:A building or area where stone is stored for industrial or agricultural use.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE TABLE *  
Definition:A table made of stone, found in streets, parks, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:DATE STONE *  
Definition:A stone commemorating the date of a specific event.

monument Word or Phrase:FISH STONE *  
Definition:A stone slab, raised on stone or wooden piers, used for the display of fresh fish. Usually found in market places.

monument Word or Phrase:RUNE STONE *  
Definition:A stone on which Runes have been inscribed. Often used as memorials though not always associated with a burial.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE COVE *  
Definition:A group of, usually three, standing stones forming a square with an open side and often found with a stone circle.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE MILL *  
Definition:A flour mill which uses one or more pairs of horizontal millstones to grind wheat into flour which millers call a æsudden deathÆ process; within not more than 90 seconds complete wheat grain becomes wholemeal flour.

monument Word or Phrase:STONE *  
Definition:Use only where stone is natural or where there is no indication of function.

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