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monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK WALL (ASSAULT TRAINING) *  
Definition:An anti tank wall constructed specifically to be used for training purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:TRAINING WALL (WATER REGULATION) *  
Definition:A wall structure built to direct a current into the desired channel in a harbour, river etc.

monument Word or Phrase:PRODUCTIVE WALLED GARDEN *  
Definition:A large kitchen garden enclosed by a substantial wall, not usually adjacent to its associated house.

monument Word or Phrase:FRUIT GROWING WALL *  
Definition:A usually south-facing wall used for the cultivation of fruit plants.

monument Word or Phrase:BELLAND YARD WALL *  
Definition:A wall within a lead mine surrounding a dressing floor, where waste from mining and smelting is deposited, to protect livestock from entering and consuming contaminated material and becoming poisoned, or 'bellanded'.

monument Word or Phrase:WALLPAPER FACTORY *  
Definition:A place where paper, frequently printed in ornamental designs, used for covering the interior walls of buildings, is manufactured.

monument Word or Phrase:SERPENTINE WALL *  
Definition:A wall for growing fruit, dating in England from the mid-18th century, whose curving lines gave added strength, thus doing away with the need for buttressing.

monument Word or Phrase:WALLED CEMETERY *  
Definition:A high status, walled, Roman burial ground containing cremations and/or inhumations in mausolea, tombs, barrows, coffins or cists. Dating from the late 1st to the 4th Century AD. DO NOT USE for cemeteries of later dates which are walled.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTI TANK WALL *  
Definition:A wall, usually of reinforced concrete, designed to obstruct the progress of a tank or armoured vehicle

monument Word or Phrase:LOOPHOLED WALL *  
Definition:A wall containing apertures to allow a weapon to be fired through it.

monument Word or Phrase:RETAINING WALL *  
Definition:A wall constructed for the purpose of confining or supporting a mass of earth or water.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY WALL *  
Definition:Any wall enclosing a building or complex of buildings, eg. prisons, dockyards, factories, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:CLIMBING WALL *  
Definition:An artificially constructed wall with recessed and projecting grips for hands and feet and places to attach ropes. Used for practising rock climbing. If the wall is situated within a sports centre use term from Components thesaurus.

monument Word or Phrase:HANDBALL WALL *  
Definition:A wall used in the game of handball.

monument Word or Phrase:PRECINCT WALL *  
Definition:A wall enclosing a precinct.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL MONUMENT *  
Definition:A substantial monument attached to a wall and often standing on the floor.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL PAINTING *  
Definition:A painting executed directly onto a wall.

monument Word or Phrase:WALLED GARDEN *  
Definition:A garden surrounded by a substantial wall.

monument Word or Phrase:CURTAIN WALL *  
Definition:A wall between two towers or pavilions, usually surrounding a building, and often forming a major part of the defences.

monument Word or Phrase:GARDEN WALL *  
Definition:A stone or brick wall either in, or enclosing, a garden.

monument Word or Phrase:HEATED WALL *  
Definition:A wall in a flower or kitchen garden, containing conduits or pipes for heating the wall.

monument Word or Phrase:BLAST WALL *  
Definition:A reinforced wall designed to reflect the blast from an explosion. Often found associated with powder magazines, pillboxes and air raid shelters.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL CRANE *  
Definition:A small crane fixed to the wall of a warehouse or similar building.

monument Word or Phrase:PARK WALL *  
Definition:A stone or brick wall enclosing a park.

monument Word or Phrase:TOWN WALL *  
Definition:A fortified wall surrounding a town or city.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL WALK *  
Definition:A walkway on the top of a defensive wall, providing access to the parapets and towers.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOL WALL *  
Definition:A structure used for drying yarn in open fields.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL BOX *  
Definition:A post box mounted in, or on, a wall.

monument Word or Phrase:WALL *  
Definition:An enclosing structure composed of bricks, stones or similar materials, laid in courses. Use specific type where known.

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