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monument Word or Phrase:BOWLING GREEN PAVILION *  
Definition:A building, often located in a park, where players can change and store equipment and from where spectators can watch the game.

monument Word or Phrase:REFRESHMENT PAVILION *  
Definition:A type of pavilion sometimes found in public parks or country house estates.

monument Word or Phrase:EXHIBITION PAVILION *  
Definition:A pavilion used for exhibitions, e.g. the exhibition pavilions at the Great Empire Exhibition, Wembley, 1925.

monument Word or Phrase:PAVILION WARD BLOCK *  
Definition:Detached block comprising one or more storeys of wards.

monument Word or Phrase:RACECOURSE PAVILION *  
Definition:A building situated next to a horse racing course with facilities for participants and spectators.

monument Word or Phrase:CHINESE PAVILION *  
Definition:A light, ornamental structure in a garden, park or place of recreation built in the Chinese style.

monument Word or Phrase:CRICKET PAVILION *  
Definition:A building adjoining a cricket pitch with facilities for players and spectators.

monument Word or Phrase:FISHING PAVILION *  
Definition:A waterside building from which one could fish.

monument Word or Phrase:MOORISH PAVILION *  
Definition:An often light and airy garden building in the Moorish style used for recreational purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:SEASIDE PAVILION *  
Definition:A light, ornamental building or structure situated close to the sea.

monument Word or Phrase:INDIAN PAVILION *  
Definition:A structure, often ornamental, in a garden, park or area of recreation, designed to reflect the style of Indian architecture. The most famous example of which is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

monument Word or Phrase:PAVILION SCHOOL *  
Definition:A school design consisting of single-storey buildings with classrooms entered from a verandah.

monument Word or Phrase:SPORTS PAVILION *  
Definition:A building, usually at a sports ground, with facilities for players and spectators.

monument Word or Phrase:WATER PAVILION *  
Definition:A type of GARDEN HOUSE situated on an island in a garden lake or canal or, more generally, by any waterside.

monument Word or Phrase:PIER PAVILION *  
Definition:A pavilion at the end of a PLEASURE PIER.

monument Word or Phrase:SPA PAVILION *  
Definition:A light, ornamental building or structure built to incorporate, or in association with, a mineral spring.

monument Word or Phrase:PAVILION *  
Definition:A light, sometimes ornamental structure in a garden, park or place of recreation, used for entertainment or shelter. Use specific type where known.

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