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monument Word or Phrase:PEDESTRIAN PRECINCT *  
Definition:An area in a town where traffic is prohibited, often containing shops.

monument Word or Phrase:CATHEDRAL PRECINCT *  
Definition:An area of ground immediately surrounding a cathedral.

monument Word or Phrase:MONASTIC PRECINCT *  
Definition:The area surrounding a monastic house including conventual buildings, outbuildings, cemetery, fishponds, etc, usually marked out by a bank and/or ditch or precinct wall.

monument Word or Phrase:SHOPPING PRECINCT *  
Definition:A pedestrianized shopping street, or a more complex arrangement of shopping 'squares' and walkways.

monument Word or Phrase:PRECINCT WALL *  
Definition:A wall enclosing a precinct.

monument Word or Phrase:PRECINCT *  
Definition:The ground immediately surrounding a place, particularly a religious building.

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