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monument Word or Phrase:PIERMASTERS OFFICE *  
Definition:Office used by a Piermaster.

monument Word or Phrase:PIERMASTERS HOUSE *  
Definition:The residence of a piermaster.

monument Word or Phrase:PIER PAVILION *  
Definition:A pavilion at the end of a PLEASURE PIER.

monument Word or Phrase:PLEASURE PIER *  
Definition:A seaside pier used as a promenade and amusement park.

monument Word or Phrase:LANDING PIER *  
Definition:A pier where passsengers can embark and disembark and goods can be transferred to and from vessels.

monument Word or Phrase:PONTOON PIER *  
Definition:A form of floating, moveable pier designed for use in open water.

monument Word or Phrase:GATE PIER *  
Definition:A pier of brick, masonry, etc, to which the hinges of a gate are attached.

monument Word or Phrase:PIER *  
Definition:A structure of iron or wood, open below, running out into the sea and used as a promenade and landing stage.

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