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monument Word or Phrase:COMMUNICATION TRENCH *  
Definition:A trench, usually linking two or more rows of trenches, enabling the conveyance of messages or equipment safely from one trench to another.

monument Word or Phrase:ANTI LANDING TRENCH *  
Definition:A purpose built trench designed to prevent the successful landing of enemy glider-borne and airborne forces.

monument Word or Phrase:CONSTRUCTION TRENCH *  
Definition:A trench dug in order to receive the foundations of a structure such as a stone wall etc.

monument Word or Phrase:GAS TESTING TRENCH *  
Definition:A purpose-built trench used to test chemical warfare weapons.

monument Word or Phrase:PRACTICE TRENCH *  
Definition:A system of trenches dug by troops for practice purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:SEAGULL TRENCH *  
Definition:A trench in the form of a flattened 'W' with a flat concrete roof covered in turf, supported on concrete pillars. The name derives from the resemblance to a child's drawing of a seagull in flight.

monument Word or Phrase:ROBBER TRENCH *  
Definition:Use broader site type where known

technique Word or Phrase:Trial Trench  
Definition:A small regular hole that is usually square or rectangular in shape. Archaeologists dig trial trenches to discover if there are any archaeological remains at a particular location. See also excavation.

monument Word or Phrase:FIRE TRENCH *  
Definition:A trench cut around a building or structure to prevent the spread of fire.

monument Word or Phrase:POST TRENCH *  
Definition:A construction trench dug to receive a line of posts for a wall, with associated packing.

monument Word or Phrase:SLIT TRENCH *  
Definition:A short trench used to protect troops or to provide defensive fire from, often dug for practice purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:TRENCH *  
Definition:An excavation used as a means of concealment, protection or both.

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