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monument Word or Phrase:PALISADED HILLTOP ENCLOSURE *  
Definition:A small, defended settlement dating to the Early Iron Age, located on spurs, promontories or hilltops. The defences are marked by single or double trenches which originally held substantial palisades.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADED SETTLEMENT *  
Definition:A settlement site enclosed within a timber palisade.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADED ENCLOSURE *  
Definition:An enclosed settlement surrounded by a single or double row of close-set timbers embedded in a foundation trench, without ditches or banks.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADED HOMESTEAD *  
Definition:A small, defensive settlement, usually consisting of one dwelling and ancillary buildings, surrounded by a palisade.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADE DITCH *  
Definition:A ditch associated with a palisade.

monument Word or Phrase:PALISADE *  
Definition:An enclosure of stakes driven into the ground, sometimes for defensive purposes.

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