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monument Word or Phrase:TELEPHONE EXCHANGE *  
Definition:An office or central station of a local telephone system where the various lines are brought to a central switchboard and communication between subscribers is achieved.

monument Word or Phrase:COTTON EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A building in which the buying of raw cotton and finished goods took place.

monument Word or Phrase:LABOUR EXCHANGE *  
Definition:An employment exchange for unemployed labourers, servicemen, etc.

monument Word or Phrase:MINING EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A type of stock exchange for tin which replaced the stannary courts in the mid 19th century.

monument Word or Phrase:STOCK EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A building which provides the centralized market for trading in stocks and shares and for raising capital for industry.

monument Word or Phrase:COAL EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A stock exchange dealing in the prices for coal and shares in coal production.

monument Word or Phrase:CORN EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A building where samples of corn were sold or auctioned during the early to mid 19th century. When not in use, between market days, the buildings were used as public halls.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOL EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A commercial building used primarily as a trading place for wool merchants.

monument Word or Phrase:HOP EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A commercial building used primarily as a trading place for breweries and hop merchants.

monument Word or Phrase:EXCHANGE *  
Definition:A multi-purpose commercial building, used primarily as a trading place for merchants, but also incorporating shops, public offices, guildhalls, etc.

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