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monument Word or Phrase:GYPSUM DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A kiln where gypsum was dried to a state where it could be used as plaster of Paris or for the production of cement.

monument Word or Phrase:CORN DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A building found in conjunction with a WATERMILL, used for the drying of corn after harvesting, with a slatted drying floor set above a kiln.

monument Word or Phrase:DOWNDRAUGHT KILN *  
Definition:A type of pottery kiln in which air rises up inside the oven to be forced back down and out through the base of the oven.

monument Word or Phrase:FOOD DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A structure used for the drying of food using an indirect source of heat.

monument Word or Phrase:SPLIT SHAFT KILN *  
Definition:A twin-shafted kiln, circular or oval in plan, consisting of a fire chamber, pre-heater and cooling chamber.

monument Word or Phrase:WOOD DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used for the drying of wood.

monument Word or Phrase:ENAMELLING KILN *  
Definition:A low-temperature oven for the firing of metallic-based colour onto pottery after glazing.

monument Word or Phrase:HORIZONTAL KILN *  
Definition:A non-vertical kiln where the shaft and burning zone is horizontal to the ground thereby allowing material to be fed in.

monument Word or Phrase:CALCINING KILN *  
Definition:A kiln in which the prolonged heating or roasting of materials to drive off water, volatiles and sulphur so that they may be reduced to a powder, was performed.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAY PIPE KILN *  
Definition:For the production of clay tobacco pipes.

monument Word or Phrase:OCTAGONAL KILN *  
Definition:A kiln that is octagonal in plan. Use with functional kiln type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:UPDRAUGHT KILN *  
Definition:A type of pottery oven in which the air passes from the base of the kiln out through the top.

monument Word or Phrase:CIRCULAR KILN *  
Definition:A circular kiln or oven used in the manufacture of bricks. Common in Staffordshire in the 18th century.

monument Word or Phrase:HOFFMANN KILN *  
Definition:A kiln principally used in brick making which gives a continuous operation.

monument Word or Phrase:CHICORY KILN *  
Definition:A structure used for the roasting or drying of chicory.

monument Word or Phrase:POTTERY KILN *  
Definition:A structure, composed of oven and hovel, used for the firing of pottery ware.

monument Word or Phrase:BOTTLE KILN *  
Definition:A large, "bottle-shaped", oven of brick construction used in the baking or firing of pottery.

monument Word or Phrase:CEMENT KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used to calcine the component parts of cement to remove excess water and other ingredients.

monument Word or Phrase:COCKLE KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used to reduce the shells of shellfish to calcium carbonate.

monument Word or Phrase:DRYING KILN *  
Definition:A furnace or oven used for drying items or materials. Use specific type where possible.

monument Word or Phrase:MUFFLE KILN *  
Definition:A kiln in which the contents are protected from the fire, usually by a lining of tiles or refractory bricks.

monument Word or Phrase:POTASH KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used for the slow burning of vegetable matter to produce potassium carbonate.

monument Word or Phrase:ROTARY KILN *  
Definition:A kiln in which stone is burnt as it falls through a heated and slightly inclined steel tube.

monument Word or Phrase:SCOTCH KILN *  
Definition:A type of updraught intermittent kiln of rectangular plan and battered sides, but with an open top.

monument Word or Phrase:TUNNEL KILN *  
Definition:A lime kiln in which coal is burnt, as distinct from a flame-free kiln in which wood or peat is used.

monument Word or Phrase:BRICK KILN *  
Definition:A kiln or furnace for the firing of bricks.

monument Word or Phrase:BRINE KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used for extracting salt through the evaporation of salt water.

monument Word or Phrase:CLAMP KILN *  
Definition:A temporary kiln, in which the pots are stacked and baked in a pit underneath a bonfire.

monument Word or Phrase:FLARE KILN *  
Definition:A lime kiln where the fuel is not mixed with the limestone but burnt below it.

monument Word or Phrase:FLINT KILN *  
Definition:Component part of a Flint Mill where flint is calcined before it is brittle enough to be ground in the mill. Ground, burnt flint is used in the production of earthenware pottery, which whitens and strenghens the body.

monument Word or Phrase:SHAFT KILN *  
Definition:A vertical structure, sometimes made of steel, often used in the manufacture of cement. Material is loaded at the top, burnt in the middle and removed at the bottom.

monument Word or Phrase:DRAW KILN *  
Definition:A lime kiln built into a low hillside or slope to facilitate top loading of the limestone.

monument Word or Phrase:LIME KILN *  
Definition:A kiln in which lime is made by calcining limestone or in some areas chalk.

monument Word or Phrase:MALT KILN *  
Definition:A kiln with a pyramid roof and capped vent in which barley is dried. Found on the site of a malt house.

monument Word or Phrase:SODA KILN *  
Definition:A kiln used for the production of any of the soda group of alkalis by the heating of plant remains or salt.

monument Word or Phrase:TILE KILN *  
Definition:A structure in which pottery tiles were baked.

monument Word or Phrase:WASH KILN *  
Definition:A type of buddle used as an ore-cleaning device for seperating metallic ore from waste material by washing the dirty ore in a continuous flow of water.

monument Word or Phrase:HOP KILN *  
Definition:A kiln for drying hops in a brewery or maltings complex, as distinct from the OASTHOUSES found on farms.

monument Word or Phrase:KILN *  
Definition:A furnace or oven for burning, baking or drying. Use specific type where known.

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