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monument Word or Phrase:MULTIPLE ENCLOSURE FORT *  
Definition:Hillslope forts with wide spaced ramparts.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED MANOR HOUSE *  
Definition:A manor house, which was granted a royal licence to crenellate.

monument Word or Phrase:PICKETT HAMILTON FORT *  
Definition:A sunken, circular, concrete pillbox used on airfields. They remained flush with the surface to permit the free movement of aircraft but, if attack threatened, could be raised hydraulically or by a counterbalance, and manned to give covering fire.

monument Word or Phrase:BASTION TRACE FORT *  
Definition:A fort with projecting bastions, which came into use from the 16th century onwards.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED BUILDING *  
Definition:A building which has been fortified, often as a temporary measure rather than as part of the original design

monument Word or Phrase:LEGIONARY FORTRESS *  
Definition:A large, fortified permanent Roman military base, made of timber and stone, surrounded by a rampart and ditches.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED BRIDGE *  
Definition:A bridge which is fortified at one or both ends.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED CHURCH *  
Definition:Any church which bears signs of fortification. churches on the Welsh and Scottish borders were often fortified, only allowing access to the tower from a single opening in the nave.

monument Word or Phrase:SAXON SHORE FORT *  
Definition:Roman coastal forts fortified with large walls and a ditch, introduced to cope with raids from across the English Channel and North Sea.

monument Word or Phrase:VEXILLATION FORT *  
Definition:A military base normally between 20 and 30 acres in size, containing legionary and auxiliary battle units, which served as stores depots and winter quarters during campaigns.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFIED HOUSE *  
Definition:A house which bears signs of fortification. These often include crenellated battlements and narrow slit-like windows.

monument Word or Phrase:PROMONTORY FORT *  
Definition:A defensive enclosure created by constructing one or more lines of ramparts across a neck of land, in order to defend, or restrict access to, a spur or promontory, either inland or on the coast.

monument Word or Phrase:ARTILLERY FORT *  
Definition:A fortified building or site with purpose built emplacements for artillery pieces.

monument Word or Phrase:AUXILIARY FORT *  
Definition:A permanent Roman fort enclosed by a number of ditches and ramparts, used to house a garrison of auxiliaries.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTIFICATION *  
Definition:A usually permanent defensive work. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:FORT ANNEXE *  
Definition:A small enclosure built onto the perimeter of a Roman fortress or fort.

monument Word or Phrase:STAR FORT *  
Definition:A fort with a star trace plan, designed to increase the angles of fire.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTRESS *  
Definition:A major fortified place, often a town, capable of containing a large force. If Roman use LEGIONARY FORTRESS.

monument Word or Phrase:SEA FORT *  
Definition:A defensive construction situated in the sea, designed to protect the land from seabourne attack. The term applies mainly to those monuments built from around 1860 onwards.

monument Word or Phrase:FORTLET *  
Definition:A fortified Roman site, usually under 1 hectare in area, strategically situated, housing small military patrols, often defended by a rampart, one or two ditches and a gate.

monument Word or Phrase:FORT *  
Definition:A permanently occupied position or building designed primarily for defence.

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