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monument Word or Phrase:LINEAR CLEARANCE CAIRN *  
Definition:A long, narrow, irregularly constructed and generally unstructured mound of stones. Normally a by-product of field clearance for agricultural purposes, though prehistoric examples may include burials and other deposits.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED ROUND CAIRN *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising an approximately circular stony mound which contains a stone-built chamber, with or without additional lateral chambers.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED LONG CAIRN *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising a rectangular or trapezoidal stony mound which contains either a passage at one end with or without lateral chambers, or one or more smaller chambers entered from the side of the mound.

monument Word or Phrase:TRI RADIAL CAIRN *  
Definition:Starshaped cairn with three radial arms of equal length, a monument unique to upland Northumberland. (Late Neolithic or early Bronze Age).

monument Word or Phrase:CAIRN ALIGNMENT *  
Definition:Long alignment of cairns lying between two large cairns; first recognized as a site type on Sourton Tor, Dartmoor.

monument Word or Phrase:CHAMBERED CAIRN *  
Definition:A Neolithic burial monument comprising a stone-built chamber within a mound of stones. Use more precise term where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CLEARANCE CAIRN *  
Definition:An irregularly constructed, generally unstructured, mound of stones. Often, but not necessarily, circular. Normally a by product of field clearance for agricultural purposes.

monument Word or Phrase:BOUNDARY CAIRN *  
Definition:A cairn used to indicate the limit of an area or a piece of land.

monument Word or Phrase:CAIRN CEMETERY *  
Definition:A group of cairns in close proximity which are predominantly funerary or ritual in nature.

monument Word or Phrase:PLATFORM CAIRN *  
Definition:A roughly circular monument featuring a low, more or less level platform of stones surrounded or retained by a low stone kerb. Some may feature a small central open area, thus resembling a ring cairn.

monument Word or Phrase:BURIAL CAIRN *  
Definition:A stony mound containing or concealing deliberately deposited human remains. Use specific type where known.

monument Word or Phrase:CAIRN CIRCLE *  
Definition:A circle of spaced upright boulders emerging from a low, hemispherical, stony mound. The boulders may lean outwards due to pressure from the cairn material.

monument Word or Phrase:MARKER CAIRN *  
Definition:A cairn erected to mark a particular spot in the landscape. Can be used for various reasons.

monument Word or Phrase:SQUARE CAIRN *  
Definition:A roughly square mound of stones which may also contain or conceal a burial.

monument Word or Phrase:ROUND CAIRN *  
Definition:A roughly hemispherical mound constructed primarily of stones, normally containing or covering one or more human burials. The mound may be surrounded and partly retained by a low stone kerb.

monument Word or Phrase:CAIRNFIELD *  
Definition:A group of cairns occurring within close proximity to each other. Use for instances where the majority are clearance cairns. Also index specific types where known.

monument Word or Phrase:KERB CAIRN *  
Definition:A cairn featuring a mound of small diameter (normally less than 6m), which is surrounded by a kerb of stones which are considerably taller than the mound.

monument Word or Phrase:LONG CAIRN *  
Definition:A rectangular or trapezoidal non-megalithic stony mound of Neolithic date, with human remains in cists rather than a large chamber. mound construction and associated features vary considerably in type and complexity.

monument Word or Phrase:RING CAIRN *  
Definition:A low, wide, circular ring or bank of stones surrounding an open, roughly circular area which is (or was initially) free of cairn material. The inner and outer faces of the bank may be kerbed.

monument Word or Phrase:TOR CAIRN *  
Definition:A circular bank of stones and turf, sometimes accompanied by a ditch, surrounding a natural outcrop of rock, usually a tor, or an earthfast boulder.

monument Word or Phrase:CAIRN *  
Definition:A monument featuring a bank or mound constructed primarily of stone. Use specific type where known.

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